The end of another semester, upcoming summer schedules, and planning for fall–this might sound like more than one student can manage all at once. But for those students motivated to have a beneficial summer and a successful fall semester, it’s vital to start getting all their ducks in a row soon. Share these tips with your college students for prioritizing their time to achieve their goals:

Don’t fizzle out!

Believe it or not, planning ahead is a great way to make your life less stressful. If you’re still wrapping up the semester, focus on prioritizing time and remaining positive. You have a limited number of semesters left before achieving your goal, and your time in college will seem so brief the very moment you graduate.

If you’re still studying, make time to eat 3 times a day, sleep well, and stay active as well! Canceling out just one of these things will make finals week even rougher. It may help to keep an online planner, such as Google Calendar, that you can easily plug your schedule into and move around as you need.

If you’ve finished up your semester, be sure that you’ve gotten all that you need out of your classes. If you have open questions for your instructors, let them know! If you found yourself a new favorite instructor, stop by and remember to keep in touch. Not only is this a positive new relationship, they may be the connection to write you a glowing recommendation letter in the future.

Plan for summer

Getting practical work experience is crucial for landing a job after graduation, and summer is the perfect time to begin. Securing a relevant job or internship can feel like a daunting task while juggling a myriad of other responsibilities. To help prepare and guide you through the process, many colleges have career centers to provide you with the resources and support to find internships that align with your skills and interests.

You can also use this summer to take some fun classes, go on an adventure, find a volunteer group, study abroad, or just take good care of your health. For hints on these topics, visit our post, “Tips for Students: How To Get the Most Out of Summer.”

Look forward to fall

Some colleges open up their fall registration in the spring, while some open up in the summer. Check your school calendar to see exactly when registration begins — and double check to see if you have a unique registration time slot. Then mark your calendar! Some registration time slots open early in the morning and it will be worth it to set your alarm.

Take time to review your course catalog and your major/minor’s  requirements. Have your first choice classes all picked out, as well as a few second and third choice options. If you need additional assistance, seek out your academic adviser.

If your requirements don’t add up to a perfect five courses per semester (for example), take note of when you might have a spare opening. This might be a perfect opportunity to take a professional development course in skills such as Microsoft Excel, computer programming, or Adobe Photoshop.

Do you spend your summer vacation unwinding or getting a head start on the future? Let us know what you’re most excited for below!