For many college students, stress seems entirely unavoidable during the school year. The same may hold true for some instructors as well.

To help relieve stressors before they take over, it’s important to find ways to relax and alter your ways of thinking. Now is the time to start. Share these tips with your students for relaxing and reducing stress before back-to-school.

College life and stress

Students, you have just a few golden weeks before it’s time to get back into the swing of things with a new semester. CengageBrain’s article “Relaxation tips: Stress management techniques and ways to relieve stress for college students” references the importance of taking care of mental health.

“If you’re still new to the college experience you’ve noticed that school brings more stress than you’ve ever experienced before. What makes it more challenging is that you’re an adult now and you’re expected to figure out how to deal with it. But you don’t have to do it alone.

Help can be found at the George Washington University Counseling Center where you can access podcasts that will help you learn about stress management. The list of podcasts includes:

  • deep breathing exercises
  • anger management
  • how to help a friend with alcohol issues

Be sure to check with your campus counselor to see what resources your school provides for you.”

Get moving

Go for a jog, take an aerobics class (one that really gets you moving, like Zumba), do yoga or grab a quick game of basketball with your friends. This is important to keep up during the school year too. Just take a few minutes to step away from the books and focus on something other than physics for an hour or so.

Stock up on sleep

Sleep is a luxury most college students can’t afford, so get it whenever you can. Use the summer to discover what amount of sleep allows you to feel your best. Some people operate well on 6 hours, while others find they need 8. Use this number as a goal for the school semester to figure out what time you should be getting to sleep and whether or not 8:00 AM classes are feasible for you.

Treat yourself

Whatever that means for you, go out and do it. Go out for a fancy meal with friends or a loved one, take a day trip to a nature preserve, or spend a few hours at a spa for a massage.

Or if treating yourself means taking it easy before a hectic school year, host a movie night, a beat a video game with your friends, or attempt to master a new recipe.

What other suggestions do you have for those hoping to relax before a new semester? Share your tips below.