When you officially become a college student, you suddenly have many options to choose from – including how to manage your finances. From textbooks to bikes and graphing calculators, students can save a lot of money by renting instead of buying.

Share these simple money-saving tips with your students.

Rent a bike

Most college students find themselves with limited storage space, and bikes are not easily tucked away or kept safe outdoors. Fortunately you can still enjoy the outdoors or the convenience of a speedy ride to class with the occasional bike rental. There are bike-sharing businesses cropping up around the world that make it easy for commuters.

Pick up a bike at convenient locked locations throughout town and avoid having to store it at home. For example, an annual subscription to SmartBike DC costs just $40, cheaper than a good set of U-locks, let alone a new bike.

Borrow school supplies

Outside of the pens, notebooks, and folders realm, some courses require tools such as graphing calculators for math. Did you know that you can rent some school tools? Graphtor.com allows you to rent many types of graphing calculators. It will even help you ensure that you get the right model for your course.

You can also rent tools like laptops or ereaders if you need, allowing you to save up for a really nice computer when you graduate.

Rent your books

At CengageBrain.com students can rent textbooks for up to 70% off the suggested retail price. It’s easy as:

  1. Rent – Select the rental period and add the rental title to your cart.
  2. Receive – Your book(s) should arrive within 1–5 business days of leaving our warehouse.
  3. Return – Use the prepaid shipping label to ship the book back.

We guarantee you will receive a textbook in excellent condition without any major damage to the spine, contents or cover. If, for any reason, you are not happy with the condition of your book, we will exchange it for another one.

Borrow a car

Another perfect option for college students is one that helps you get by without having your own car at school. Car sharing companies like Zipcar make occasional use of wheels easier and more affordable.

Did you know you can also rent your car out to others if you do have one at school? Many of us that had a car in college know it spent a lot of time gathering dust. Car share companies like RelayRides and Getaround are peer-to-peer car rental companies that let you rent out your car when you’re not using it. Don’t worry, they insure it. And how much you earn depends on what kind of car you have and where you live.

You can also rent out your unused parking spot, your bicycle, clothing (think formal attire you never wear), and more.

Can you think of other tools or resources you can rent for college? Share your tips below.