The end of the semester is in your sights. Good concentration and study skills are even more vital than usual this time of year.

Mobile applications are simple ways for college students to study smarter, research faster, and get organized. But where to begin? Try these top mobile apps for keeping up with the demands of your college courses.

Improve focus

We’ve all heard the stats about mulitasking: it doesn’t actually save us any time at all, but instead wastes considerable time as we frequently flip back and forth between tasks. Your brain takes a while to get back into the zone each time you switch tasks, so doing one thing at a time eliminates that wasted ramp-up time.

If you’re conducting research online, you may find that checking email or social feeds wastes even more time than you intend. Maybe you’ve found a good primary source and now you’re rewarding yourself with a 5 minute break. But how often do we really only spend 5 minutes on email or social? Before you know it, you’ve lost 20 minutes.

One solution: try out one of the many programs or apps that limit or disable certain websites for various periods of time so you can stay focused on your studying. Freedom, “the world-famous app that ends digital distraction, works on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac and Windows computers.” It allows you to eliminate distractions and focus on a single task, break bad habits, build new (good) habits, be more productive.

Questia is the world’s only full-featured academic research app for iOS. Questia helps you stay focused on your research paper by conveniently keeping all of your research, writing, and notes all in one place.

Helpful notifications

Are you taking a MindTap course? If so, MindTap Mobile offers convenient organizational and study tools that will help you rock your courses. You’ll improve your study habits by accessing a clear view of the activities coming up in your MindTap course. You’ll get relevant course notifications pushed directly to you, making you more aware of what is ahead, including:

  • Due date reminders
  • Messages sent from your instructor
  • Changes to due dates, score updates, and instructor comments
  • Flashcards

The MindTap app will show you your scores and status indicators that let you know how you’re doing and which activities you need to focus on. When enrolled in multiple courses that use MindTap, you can access a week-by-week view for all of your MindTap courses together in one place.

If you’re not a lucky MindTap student, there are some other apps to get you organized. MyHomework, available on most devices, lets you track classes, homework, tests, papers and projects. Set a reminder for due dates for assignments and tests. List supplies or books you’ll need.

What apps or tools do you use to stay organized and focused? Share your ideas below!