The campus career center is an asset to job preparedness, but there are even more career training options available to students that might not be found in every school.

Believe it or not, summer is right around the corner, and it might be the perfect time to start building new skills that will look great on your resume, as well as help you in your remaining semesters in school.

Summer courses

In high school, the thought of “summer school” may sound like some sort of punishment. But summer is actually a great time to improve your future hire-ability by picking up some classes that you’ve been thinking about trying. First, look to see what classes your school offers, but don’t stop there.

Also check out what nearby schools offer–often times you can pick up a course or two at a local community college. You may find something that’s a perfect fit for your career goals, such as an Excel course or a business communication course.

These courses may even transfer to your required degree hours at your current school. Check with your academic advisor to see if they have recommendations specific to your major.

Online learning

You can also look for online courses to start learning a valuable trade such as programming with a site like Codeacademy.

After exploring the types of online courses available, you may also find that you’re interested in working towards a certificate. Online certificates are available for a wide variety of trades, such as business, leadership or technology.


An internship is an invaluable experience to add to your portfolio, while also giving you a taste of the business world.

From our recent post, College Internships Work for Students, “internships play an important role for career-focused students. For many, college internships give a preview of the workplace. The skills students develop are attractive to potential employers and help build a better resume. In addition, students participating in a variety of internships can identify a better fit for a post-college job.”

Aside from your degree, what steps have you taken to prepare for your career? Share your experiences below.