In December, Cengage announced Cengage Unlimited, a first-of-its-kind subscription for higher ed course materials.  For one price ($119.99 a semester or $179.99 annually), students get unlimited access to our comprehensive library of digital products.  That’s more than 22,000 products across 675 course areas! We recently talked to Todd Markson, Chief Strategy Officer, Cengage, about the implementation to date.

Q: It’s been two months since we announced Cengage Unlimited.  How are things going?

A: The goal of Cengage Unlimited is to increase both access and affordability, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive from professors, students and administrators alike. I was recently in Raleigh, North Carolina, visiting current and prospective customers. The excitement is palpable when talking to professors, who immediately see the value to them AND their students. And when engaging with students, they instantly get it—they subscribe to Spotify for music, Netflix for movies and Amazon Prime for shopping. Cengage Unlimited will be the service they subscribe to for high quality educational and productivity solutions.

Q: This week, we announced that Cengage Unlimited will be available to students via Chegg; students will also have free access to Chegg’s services as part of their subscription. Why is this important?

A: The Cengage Unlimited subscription service is a highly compelling value proposition. To get access to our full range of content and platforms for $119.99 per semester feels, as many professors and students have said, “too good to be true.” Yet it is true!

To continue to add to this value proposition, we are working with student-centric companies who share our goal to increase affordability and access. We already partner with Chegg to offer students a rental program, so this is a natural extension of our work with them.  This new partnership for Cengage Unlimited has two key components:

  1. Cengage Unlimited subscribers will benefit from free access to 60 minutes of private tutoring through Chegg Tutors and 30 days each of Chegg Study, Chegg Math and Chegg Easybib Plus.
  2. Chegg will sell Cengage Unlimited through its sites and apps, including, as soon as Cengage Unlimited is available for purchase this summer.

We are very excited to add even more value to Cengage Unlimited, which was already attractive, and also provide students with an additional place to subscribe to Cengage Unlimited.

Q: What other developments can we expect with Cengage Unlimited soon?

A: Cengage Unlimited is, at its core, an affordable and accessible educational subscription service. We want this to be a destination that students wake up and access throughout the day—doing homework for their class, browsing content that sparks their interest, tapping into tutoring to understand a concept in more depth, taking an assigned test, engaging with their classmates on a group project, investigating courses they want to take the next semester and more. For us, it’s important to continue to add value to Unlimited so that first, the decision to purchase is truly a “no-brainer” and, second, students see this as indispensable for their entire educational career and beyond.

To that end, we continue to engage in discussions with other student-focused educational partners who can offer services, products, content, etc. to increase the value of the Cengage Unlimited subscription.


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