The Tools for Today MindTap as 21st Century Pedagogy event that occurred in San Francisco, California from June 24th-26th was a huge success! Educators from different disciplines—English, History, Psychology, Criminology, Sociology, and College Success—came together under a common goal to create collaborative, meaningful discussion surrounding teaching and learning in the age of technology.

The event kicked off with a Welcome Reception where fellow educators began to pave the way for community by sharing ideas about what 21st Century Pedagogy means to them and by discussing how they can learn from each other to augment student learning.

Day two was quickly underway with various demos, which showed how MindTap can be used as 21st Century Pedagogy. As educators formulated ideas on how to harness 21st Century pedagogy with MindTap; a collective vision grew and educators empowered each other to be innovators, advocates, and partners in learning.

Educators then went to an exposition where they participated in roundtable demos to learn about the new functionality and features of MindTap. While educators learned more about MindTap, they also learned about improving their teaching practices so they can, in turn, enhance student learning and engage their students in new ways.

We topped off the evening with a party where educators could reflect on what they learned throughout the day, share best practices, and ruminate on the ways in which they will be able to integrate and assign technology in meaningful ways. Certainly educators learned from us about MindTap, but it is the learning they did from each other as a part of a supportive network of people aligned by a common cause that was the most impactful.

Day three flew by as we had some more discipline-specific breakout sessions and some closing words from Senior Education Advisor, George Miller. The conversation left many feeling confident that they had taken away a new skillset that would empower their teaching practices. Even more, everyone will be able to keep the discussion surrounding 21st Century Pedagogy alive in our MindTap Tools for Today virtual community on Facebook.

Did you attend the MindTap as 21st Century Pedagogy Tools for Today event? Share your highlights in the comments section below! We also invite you to join the conversation going on Facebook and Twitter—use the hashtag #ToolsforToday to share your thoughts and photos.

Relive the memories… Take a look at some of our photos from the Tools for Today MindTap as 21st Century Pedagogy as well as notes about how teachers heighten classroom engagement using technology. Want to add your photos to the gallery? Tweet us @thisismindtap and add the hashtag #ToolsforToday

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