Many students breeze so quickly though their end-of-term classroom evaluations that they don’t always detail what they thought of the classroom resources used. So we took the question straight to our pool of college student respondents. We asked over three thousand college students, “What types of tools are your instructors not yet using that you think might improve your learning process?”

Online learning opportunities

The good news is that many students replied that their school offers them all the resources they need to be fully successful. However, this answer was not the norm. Believe it or not, the most frequently repeated suggestion was simply, “Internet.”

While some institutions may struggle with establishing Internet connections in the classroom, for many, the challenge is simply determining what to cover. So what online resources do students stand to benefit from?

Many students asked for tools such as:

  • Online resources that accompany text books
  • Online book sources
  • Online studying tools
  • E-learning
  • Online programs
  • Online flashcards


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Video in the classroom

In another recurring theme from our survey results, students often suggested that their instructors provide them with more “videos for step by step example,” use “more visual aids,” and use “Skype or YouTube.” For some helpful advice on integrating video into your classroom, review our post, “Using Video in Your Courses.” You can even invite a special guest speaker into your classroom by setting up a video call through a conferencing program like Skype or Google Hangouts.

Have you tried any of these resources in your classroom? Do any of the above interest you, but perhaps you haven’t given them a try yet? Share your experiences below!