As an instructor, you’ve likely heard about the ways that digital learning solutions can help improve learning outcomes and increase student engagement in your courses. In fact, you may have adopted a solution—and seen the benefits—for yourself. But perhaps you’d like to help your students become more aware of these valuable benefits!

Our new infographic gives a quick overview of why MindTap matters to students’ college education. It shows what students have told us about MindTap and the benefits it offers to their own study habits and success. You’ll also find find other fun facts about today’s college students, including insights about their digital lifestyle of today’s students, reasons why a degree matters to them, and more.

Top Reasons for Students to Log Into MindTap

Infographic by Cengage Learning

Top Reasons for Students to Log Into MindTap - Infographic by Cengage Learning,

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Three more great MindTap tips you can pass along to students

1. Has MindTap been assigned for your course? Students can text LEARN to 80565 to find and register for your MindTap course.

2. Want to study for your MindTap course on your smartphone? Download the MindTap mobile app, available for iOS and Android.

3. Ready to learn from (and with) your peers? MindTap makes it easy! Check out, accessible within MindTap. At this online marketplace, you can gain access to course-specific, student-to-student study materials such as study guides, notes, flashcards, video tutorials and live video help.