For instructors who have been leading classes in-person for years or even decades, making the move to online teaching can be a difficult one. We asked hundreds of instructors for some insight on their experiences in teaching online classes.

Of the 700+ instructors surveyed, 67% said they have taught an online class before. Anyone can try it once, but would they repeat the experience? We asked instructors, “If you have taught online before, would you repeat the experience?” Find out just what these instructors had to say about their experience and pick up some tips for teaching online.

Would you teach an online class again?

Of the surveyed instructors who have taught an online course, 66% said they would “Absolutely” do it again. Another 26% said it would depend on the course. Only 7% said “No, I prefer a brick-and-mortar setting.” And we’re very pleased to hear that only 1% said “No, too many technical issues.” If you’re concerned with technical issues in online teaching, have no fear!

Student perspective

We surveyed thousands of college students to discover that 75% have taken an online course. While the majority of college students have taken an online course before, you’re sure to get a few that haven’t. You may also find some who aren’t getting quite as much out of their online experience as they could.

In our recent blog post, “Community Building: Student Engagement in Online Classrooms,” we explained how students were less likely to feel a strong sense of community in an online classroom, as compared to in-person classes. It’s certainly possible though. Online classes just require a little extra work on your part to get the ball rolling. Students will need to be engaged with the material and their classmates, in addition to mastering the platform itself. To do this, try to incorporate a variety of activities and assignments that can bring about the same degree of student engagement and active learning that students would experience in an on-ground course.

For tips on helping students get the most out of their online learning experience, visit our blog post, “Tips for Online Students: Make it a Successful School Year!

If you’ve taught online before, what is the top thing you learned about the unique structure? If you haven’t taught online, what is your top concern?