Knowing what you want students to understand when they leave your course is great information to keep in mind, but how can you take your goals for learners and translate them into objectives that align with specific course activities and assessments? Even beyond that, how can you write those objectives so they encourage activities that promote active learning, engagement, and higher-order thinking skills? Share with us how you align your objectives in online courses with course activities in the comments section below.

Watch and listen to The Instructor’s Perspective on Aligning Objectives in Online Classes, a narrated presentation by TeamUP, Cengage Learning’s peer-to-peer faculty development group. The presentation will give you valuable tips on writing objectives, making sure those objectives are measurable, and aligning them with course activities and assessments.

This presentation comes from the TeamUP Professional Development Portal, and makes up a small part of one of the self-paced multimedia modules available. This presentation comes from the module Aligning Objectives in Online Courses, which is part of Pod 1: Online Teaching. For a full list of available content, visit this site.

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