The Economics team at Cengage Learning is proud to announce our 2nd Annual Economist Educators Best in Class Award Winners!


1st Place – Kelvin Wong, University of Minnesota

2nd Place – Alice Louise Kassens, Roanoke College

3rd Place – Jadrian Wooten, Washington State University


These winning entries focused on engaging students through game/role playing and tweeting. See these winning submissions online right now.

We also invite you to register to attend our Economics Teaching Conference to see the top two papers presented!



Kelvin Wong

I start off by introducing the game. There was a British game show called Golden Balls, where four contestants go through a series of rounds to build up the amount of money that the winner could take home. Two contestants are also eliminated throughout the game, leaving two for the final activity, called “split or steal.”

View Kelvin’s video below:


Alice Louise Kassens 

Twitter is an online micro blogging utility, permitting posts of up to 140 characters called tweets. I employed Twitter as a complement to traditional lecture in a principles of macroeconomics course to engage students and develop their critical thinking and writing skills.

View Alice’s video below:



Jadrian Wooten

Ping Pong Ball Factory Manager. Invited students experience diminishing returns in this classroom exercise that has them delivering a familiar product in a production framework. Using Ping-Pong balls, have students deliver them from a starting bucket to a “final delivery” box given a 90-second time limit.

View Jadrian’s video below:


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