Beyond wanting your students to soak up all of the course-specific knowledge you endeavor to instill in them every day, you likely also work hard to equip them with skills that will benefit them as they grow throughout their time in school and move beyond it, not only to a workplace, but to a career.

In this recorded virtual event, titled Career Readiness and Transferring College Skills to the Workplace, leadership coach, author of (among others) the Master Student series, educator, and philanthropist Dave Ellis encourages you to consider what you can do to help your students make the connection between being in college and embarking on a successful career path. He talks about teaching transferable skills and instilling in students good leadership practices. He also reveals one of his best strategies to encouraging students to bridge the gap between college and career. The session is engaging and interactive — we look forward to hearing your ideas!

Watch the recorded session.

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How do you encourage students to consider preparing for their careers as you teach them valuable course content and life skills? Share your comments below.