If you’re like many of us, you have invested in some technology tools that help you manage your time. If you have a tablet or smartphone, you’re probably using a few apps that can help you increase your productivity. In a similar vein, you may also want a tech tool that enables you to manage your fitness and wellness while you’re on the go.

Today, we’re sharing a few helpful tips, based on recommendations offered in Werner W.K. Hoeger and Sharon A. Hoeger’s Principles and Labs for Fitness and Wellness, Twelfth Edition, which can help you identify apps that can be of use to your wellness routine:

  • Take your fitness level and your personal needs into account. Though apps can be convenient, you may receive more beneficial help from an instructor, personal trainer, nutritionist, or other professional.
  • Consider what activity you want the app to help you accomplish. Once you’ve decided on your goals, you can identify the criteria that facilitates your achievement of those goals. You’ll find a variety of apps that help you manage and track your food habits, exercise plans, weight loss goals, and other metrics related to diet, exercise, and health. You’ll also find apps that provide workout activities, motivational strategies, meal plans, and more.
  • Take note of the app’s creator. You don’t necessarily need to be a fitness expert to create a fitness app! Therefore, before downloading and using an app, it’s important to find out who made it. Hoeger and Hoeger write that you should “…search for those designed by health experts who hold degrees and certifications in the related field.” They also recommend reviewing the apps available in the U.S. government’s app store, apps.usa.gov. (219)


Reference: Hoeger, Werner W.K and Sharon A. Hoeger. 2014. Principles and Labs for Fitness and WellnessTwelfth EditionBelmont, CA: Wadsworth, Cengage Learning.


What tech tools do you use to manage your stress and achieve your wellness goals? Share your ideas below.