More and more instructors are taking their students to the cloud. Are you?

For those new to the cloud, we’ll first offer a quick definition. Per Kenneth Baldauf and Ralph M. Stair’s Succeeding with TechnologyFourth Edition, “Cloud computing utilizes Internet-based service providers to deliver information and computing services, including software, business systems, and data storage, for business and personal use” (p. 307). Cloud-based technology resources also offer the benefit of simple, Web-based access from a variety of devices, which means that students can participate in the interactive activities and assignments you’ve created for class, with less worry about hardware compatibility, increased technology infrastructure, and purchase of additional software licenses.

In this presentation recorded during Cengage Learning’s 18th Annual Course Technology Conference, Amy Wise, instructor and distance learning specialist at Enterprise State Community College (Enterprise, AL), discussed a number of free and low-cost cloud-based technologies that work especially well in the classroom. She also shares a number of ideas for integrating these technologies into your course. Watch the video, and gain some new ideas for increasing communication, collaboration, and productivity among your students through polls, videos, interactive presentations, and more.

Do you use cloud-based resources for your course? Which ones would you recommend? Share your top tips below. 

Reference: Baldauf, Kenneth and Stair, Ralph M. 2011. Succeeding with Technology, Fourth Edition. Boston, MA: Course Technology, Cengage Learning.