Think about your classroom. How many students pull out their tablets at the start of class? Now, picture your campus. As you walk around, how many students are gazing into the screens of their smartphones?

To be certain, many of those students embrace their mobile devices as sources of news, entertainment, and communication with their peers. But this digitally connected generation also recognizes the power of those same tech tools for knowledge gathering, building, and sharing.

How can we take advantage of these shifts to better connect with and relate to the people in our classes?

In today’s featured webinar, Cengage Learning author Jeff Butterfield, creator of the Illustrated Course Guide series, looks at the growth in mobile education. He also discusses how you can extend your reach beyond the classroom, and he shares some simple techniques that you can use to enrich any of your courses.


View the webinar “The Classroom is Dead — Long Live Mobile Education.”


Do you use mobile technologies to connect with students? What strategies have proven successful? Share your ideas below.