As an instructor in a constantly evolving educational setting, you can likely relate to the desire to find new ways to increase students’ attendance, engagement, and success—as well as such institutional challenges as the escalating costs associated with delivering instruction.

In the face of these challenges, many institutions are choosing to re-evaluate how they structure and deliver some of their courses, with the hopes of providing greater consistency in how course material is delivered and graded, in addition to achieving improved student learning outcomes. They’re also considering how they can use educational technology not simply as an “add on” to their instructional materials, but as a thoroughly integrated approach to structuring the course. This process is commonly referred to as “course redesign.”

Whether your institution is just starting to investigate the potential of course redesign, you’re thoroughly engaged in the process, or you’re new to the idea altogether, you can benefit from the information presented in Dr. Carolyn Jarmon’s recent webinar, “Improving Outcomes and Reducing Costs: The Case for Redesign.” In this presentation, Dr. Jarmon, Vice President of the National Center for Academic Transformation (NCAT), provides an overview of how numerous institutions have used NCAT’s course redesign methodology to reach the goals of improving student outcomes while reducing instructional costs.

Throughout the webinar, Dr. Jarmon encourages you to ask yourself why you’re considering the course redesign process and covers what the process might entail for you and your institution. She also highlights some of the benefits and challenges of course redesign—points further illuminated by insightful success stories that show how several schools have used different models of course redesign to address the particular needs of their students, departments, and campuses. You’ll see that the methodology has had success across a variety of courses, disciplines, institutions, and student populations.

 Review the presentation below, and view the entire recorded webinar here

Is your institution undergoing the course redesign process? What challenges have you faced? What benefits are you seeing? Share your thoughts below.

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