“When we’re talking about relevance, we have to be thinking about making what we’re doing, or tying what we’re doing, to [students’] future.” — Christy Price

“What we must understand is that we have to make the learning experience streamlined, we have to make it lean, we have to simplify it. Focus on the key things that you want your students to learn.” — Carey M. Roberts

As an instructor, you likely encounter the frustration of distracted and passive students — as well as the thrill of seeing students become excited about and involved in what they’re learning.

Undoubtedly, you have your own tactics for drawing students in to your course content, yet you may still be seeking proven strategies to further engage students in the learning process. Or, perhaps you’re pondering how to integrate technology into your course in a manner that supports your course goals and makes learning a more vibrant and relevant experience.

During this panel discussion, held at Cengage Learning’s Engage 2013 conference hosted by SXSWedu, Christy Price of Dalton State College and Carey M. Roberts of Arkansas Tech University each offer their research-backed solutions for engaging today’s students. They discuss ways that you can create a learning environment that fosters student involvement, and they provide their insights regarding how technology such as screencasting, interactive eBooks, and embedded multimedia can best be used to improve outcomes and craft an active, participatory learning experience that students find meaningful and relevant.

What research-backed strategies have you employed for engaging students in your classroom? Share your suggestions below. 

Kenneth C. Green is the founding director of The Campus Computing Project, the largest continuing study of the role of eLearning, and information technology in American higher education.

A professor of psychology at Dalton State College, Christy Price has been teaching at the collegiate level for 20 years. She is a nationally recognized authority on innovative teaching techniques to engage millennial learners.

Carey M. Roberts is Professor of History at Arkansas Tech University, where he also serves as Coordinator of University Assessment. He works with a wide-range of programs and course delivery systems at his institution and consults on accreditation and assessment matters with colleges and universities across the country. 

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