Imagine you had the time, knowledge, desire, and resources necessary to build your ideal mobile app. What would it be? Perhaps your app would support the academic goals you have for your classes. Or, it might help you accomplish your daily responsibilities while you’re on the go. Maybe you’d build something that would connect people who share your hobbies, interests, or the causes that are closest to your heart and mind.

Given the steady growth of mobile-device usage, it’s not surprising that many schools are seeking ways to include mobile app development to their computing curricula—and thereby teach students how to create the apps of their dreams. Whether you teach programming and you’re interested in adding app-development courses to your department’s curriculum, you want to know a bit more about what goes into the process of creating an app, or you’re simply curious about what’s going on in the world of apps and mobile technology, review Corinne Hoisington’s presentation, “Android Boot Camp: Your Next Course,” recorded during the 2013 Course Technology Conference. Here, Hoisington discusses her experiences with teaching students about mobile computing and offers tips to instructors on how they can effectively educate their students.You’ll learn about the growth of app usage (especially on the Android platform) and the process of developing Android apps and bringing them to market. You’ll also hear some fun and insightful stories that illustrate the creative ideas that can be developed by those who are dedicated to seeing their ideas come to fruition!



What are your favorite apps for education? Are there any apps you’d like to see developed (or, develop yourself)? Share your ideas below.