With online education making headline news due to Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC’s) from MIT, Stanford, and other prominent institutions, many colleges are wondering where they fit in the online education movement. Technology courses such as the Intro to Computers course are ideal courses to teach 100% online, and provide a great start for schools looking to extend their reach beyond the local community.

When delivered effectively, online courses can also ignite learning in iGeneration students who live a great portion of their lives online. For example: In 1998, Professor Ken Baldauf joined the Florida State University (FSU) faculty to coordinate a campus-wide computer literacy effort designed to address a growing need among the school’s student population. That year, Professor Baldauf developed one of the first online courses at the school, and has been devoted to developing effective online teaching systems and methods ever since. Enrollment in his many courses—which cover such topics as computer fluency, management information systems, digital media, web design, web development and programming—have grown to over 2,500 students per semester.

Today, Professor Baldauf serves as the Director of FSU’s program in Interdisciplinary Computing, where he works with colleges and departments across campus to determine what computer and information technology skills and knowledge are needed in their disciplines, and develops courses to meet those needs. Additionally, Professor Baldauf has authored several textbooks for Cengage Learning and has recently designed a new online learning framework for Intro Computer courses titled Emerge with Computers, all designed to engage today’s “connected learners” in their study and acquisition of digital literacy’s key principles.

In this recent webinar, Baldauf shares from this vast store of knowledge and experience, providing thoughtful discussion of the components of an effective online course, as well as guidance on the tools and skills required to make it happen.

View the recorded session. 

Professor Baldauf partnered with Course Technology to develop Emerge with Computers, an online framework intended to revolutionize the way students learn about and experience technology. For additional insights from Ken Baldauf, read our recent posts Teaching Online: Keys to Success and Elements of Effective Online Instruction

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