What does it take to be an effective online instructor? What technical skills must you master? What technologies should you use?

If you find yourself asking these questions (or ones much like them), you’ll benefit from the insights that Ken Baldauf shares during this presentation recorded during Cengage Learning’s recent 18th Annual Course Technology Conference.

Here, Baldauf — who has helped many of his colleagues at Florida State University bring their courses online, and has also taught numerous successful online courses himself — discusses the elements of an effectively run online course. To frame the conversation, he begins with a brief retrospective of various online tools, technologies, and delivery systems, illustrated with his own anecdotes and experiences that help us understand how online learning arrived at its current state. In addition, he sheds some light on the emergence of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and addresses the ways that different institutions have chosen to respond to this trend in education. He then goes on to outline what he deems to be three key challenges of online education — content, assessment, and communication — while also focusing on the skills that instructors need to successfully teach online.

Ken Baldauf is director of the Program in Interdisciplinary Computing at Florida State University, where he is responsible for developing courses to meet computing and technology needs across disciplines. He partnered with Course Technology to develop Emerge with Computers, an online framework intended to revolutionize the way students learn about and experience technology. For additional insights from Ken Baldauf, read our recent post Teaching Online: Keys to Success.

If you teach online, what advice would you give to instructors who are just beginning this journey? If you are picking up an online course in the near future, what are your greatest concerns? Continue the discussion in the comments section below. 

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