In this video, author Jeff Butterfield talks about the changing demographic of today’s learners, and what that means to the teaching and learning experience. He also gives his advice for engaging your learners by changing the way you may be used to doing things and by always asking yourself: Are there are new ways that I could be reaching my students?

How have you seen the student demographic in your classroom shift over the years? Share your thoughts on how your students have changed (or not!) in the comments section below. 

Jeff Butterfield holds a Ph.D. from the University of Texas-Austin and an MBA from Indiana University, and currently is a faculty member in the Information Systems department at Western Kentucky University. Previously, Jeff worked as an electronics engineer with several Fortune 500 companies. He quickly discovered that his writing and public-speaking abilities contributed much more to his professional success than his technical skills. This important discovery has significantly influenced his teaching and Jeff has spent over 15 years in higher education helping technical students develop professional skills. As technology becomes more tightly integrated with business functions, students with well-developed soft skills will enjoy a strong competitive advantage. Jeff has worked with Cengage Learning to develop the Soft Skills for a Digital Workplace series. These titles, with the accompaniment of a rich online companion, are designed to complement any course you teach regardless of the subject.