What trends in education have you been taking notice of that will require instructors to take new approaches to engaging, educating, and retaining students? Start the conversation below.

In this presentation, recorded at the 2013 Course Technology Conference, author and professor Jeff Butterfield hosts a 45-minute session on how you can meaningfully engage your students by using a “flipped” or “inverted” instructional model. He begins his presentation by citing some of the important changes in education today, including shifts in student demographics, disruptive technology and instructional models, and rising student concerns about things like financial aid and debt. Butterfield puts forward that these shifts pose an invitation to instructors to think about how to better engage students — many of whom may be more closely examining the value proposition of higher education in light of the shifts he mentions.

After citing research about the expansion and popularity of online education, Butterfield shares how shifting to a “flipped classroom” can help reach students most effectively using their preferred learning modality. During his presentation, he covers some key questions including: What is flipped teaching? Should we be using material that’s already been created to teach these courses? How can I create my own lecture material easily? and What do I do with all the in-class time?

Butterfield also explains how inverted instruction goes beyond simply swapping out traditionally in-class lecture with homework activities, and he gives valuable suggestions on easily creating your own course material, using your resources, and engaging students during in-class time — all the while asking, “how can I add value to my class?”

Jeff Butterfield holds a PhD from the University of Texas-Austin and an MBA from Indiana University, and currently is a faculty member in the Information Systems department at Western Kentucky University. Previously, Jeff worked as an electronics engineer with several Fortune 500 companies. Jeff has worked with Cengage Learning to develop a number of titles, including the Illustrated Course Guides, which are designed to make it easy to teach students the essential soft skills necessary to succeed in today’s competitive workplace.