Even in the summer months, a college campus offers many students a hub for their extracurricular activities. Career centers, student affairs offices, on-campus eateries, gyms and intramural leagues, and other services provide students with an opportunity to hone their personal and professional skills, develop relationships outside of the classroom, and build connections to all the informational, educational, and human resources associated with their school.

However: due to time, distance, or other pressing priorities, not all students may be able to use, participate in, or take advantage of those services traditionally considered a part of the campus experience. But, given the important role that extracurricular activities can play in students’ overall engagement with a school, it’s important not to overlook these populations’ needs, and to support their achievement in a manner that addresses their concerns and fits their schedules.

If this matter is of concern to you, take some time to view “Extracurricular Activities in Online Programs.” In this webinar, Will White, Shannon McGurk, and Joel English of Centura College discuss their approach to promoting engagement and retention among their student population, which includes a large percentage of non-traditional and online students. They share their strategies for fostering community and discussion among students—beyond classroom time. You’ll also get a tour of Centura Connect, which serves as the college’s vibrant “student union” designed to highlight the wealth of valuable resources available through the school and help students build those vital connections with faculty, staff, student resources, and each other.

Even if your school still primarily serves a more traditional, residential population of students, this presentation can spark ideas that will engage students not only in their coursework, but in the greater campus community.

Review the SlideShare presentation below, and view the entire recorded webinar here.

How does your institution work to connect students to campus life and make its services and activities relevant to your specific student population? Share your ideas below, or submit them to [email protected].