As you think ahead to your next term, you may be reflecting on the ways you can help your students reach their short-term goals for success in your course — as well as the long-term goals that they have for their academic and professional careers.

Maintaining a supportive attitude and providing positive feedback can be important elements in inspiring your students’ efforts in your course. But what specific steps can you take to encourage greater self efficacy, optimism, persistence, and achievement of goals?

During this lively recent webinar, Dr. Christine Harrington, author of Student Success in College: Doing What Works!, explores theory and research that examines the connection among our expectations, goals, and ultimately our success. As you watch, you’ll gain some practical, powerful, and research-backed strategies that will help you along the way to your own goal of supporting your students and urging them on toward greater levels of achievement.


How have you successfully promoted student achievement in your courses? Have you tried any of the strategies provided in this webinar? Share your insights below, or submit them to [email protected].