How do you make learning relevant and engaging for the learners in your classroom? Do you give certain examples that you find most of your students can relate to? Please share your feedback and comments below.

In this podcast from the TeamUP Professional Online Development Portal, TeamUP Faculty Programs Consultant Damon Givehand interviews his colleague and fellow TeamUP Consultant Bridgett McGowen-Hawkins about her experience teaching different generations in the same classroom. Bridgett reflects on what she observed, learned, and acted on from that experience. She also discusses feeling prepared to make learning relevant, interesting, and engaging for everyone in your class, as well as making sure your students all feel as if they can relate to you. In addition, she addresses three things she noticed when teaching different generations: Their preferred communication methods; their level of comfort with technology; and finally, the respect that they had for the course instructor. Listen to the podcast to hear what she learned from her experience!

  Raabe Income Taxes and Potential Impacts podcast

This podcast comes from the TeamUP Professional Development Portal, and makes up a small part of one of the self-paced multimedia modules available. This podcast comes from the module Exploring Different Generations, which is part of Pod 6: Working with Adult Learners. For a full list of available content, visit this site.

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