In this video, Laura Bracken discusses the importance of retention and persistence in higher education, and the correlations between learner success in developmental math and persisting to complete a degree or certificate program. Though Laura’s discussion is related particularly to her teaching focus, developmental math, her ideas on persistence and its correlation to later success can be more broadly applicable in higher education. Listen as she talks about making a difference in students’ persistence at the classroom level.

How do you involve learners in the learning process? Have you noticed that “addressing the whole student,” as Laura mentions, makes a difference in their persistence toward completing a class or degree program? Share your thoughts on encouraging persistence in higher education with us in the comments section below.

Laura Bracken, co-author of Elementary Algebra, 1st Edition, and Intermediate Algebra, 1st Edition, teaches developmental mathematics at Lewis-Clark State College. As developmental math coordinator, Laura led the process of developing objectives, standardizing assessments, and enforcing placement including a mastery skill quiz program. She has worked collaboratively with science faculty to make connections between developmental math and introductory science courses. Laura has presented at numerous national and regional conferences and currently serves as the regional representative for the AMATYC Placement and Assessment Committee.