Sometimes in life, we can get so caught up in the immediacy of meeting a goal that’s right in front of us that we “can’t see the forest for the trees.” For students who are working their way through college in pursuit of the goal of career success, this can often be the case. Certainly, they should focus on success in their individual courses — those achievements are crucial to their overall success and pivotal in reaching that ultimate goal. However, they’ll be much more motivated and engaged in that coursework if you can facilitate their ability to look ahead and see how the skills they’re acquiring connect to their goals for the future.

In this recorded virtual event, Francine Fabricant, Jennifer Miller, and Debra Stark, authors of Creating Career Success: A Flexible Plan for the World of Work, offer concrete tips to help you support your students’ developing career interests and assist them in connecting their coursework to future goals and tasks. They discuss how students can have a difficult time making that connection between coursework and a career, and that they often seek tangible outcomes to increase their opportunities for career success. Fabricant, Miller, and Stark review research that focuses on the correlation between connecting coursework to career goals and student success and motivation, and they share three steps to encourage students to make those connections. They’ll inform you of the top personal qualities that employers look for in college graduates and share how you can encourage the development of those skills in and out of the classroom. They’ll even take you to a party during the presentation!

*Skip ahead to the five-minute mark to get right into the presentation content.

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