In her book The Confident Student, Eighth Edition, Carol C. Kanar advises students: “Being a self-motivated student means that you take personal responsibility for your life and its outcomes. You know that with hard work and persistence, achievement is within your grasp” (30).

Ideally, all of your students would be self-motivated learners who set goals and do all they can to achieve what they’ve hoped and planned to do. However, some students may need some direction as to how they can turn their hopes into concrete actions—and maintain the discipline needed to stay focused and energized as they work towards those goals. If that’s the case, you may take steps to provide students with the tools they need to stay steady on their journeys towards success.

Today, we’re asking: how do you encourage students to get, and stay, motivated? Share your ideas in our poll below.



Reference: Kanar, Carol C. 2014. The Confident Student, Eighth Edition. Boston: Wadsworth, Cengage Learning.