Advances in technology have obviously had great impact on the field of education. You may find that some of those effects have been positive — for example, you have access to new tools to reach and engage with your students. On the other hand, some may be more negative — perhaps your students sometimes become distracted by their smartphones or other devices during class and disengage from learning. In either event, the fact remains that this shift is here to stay and will expand in years to come.

In this video, Stan Gully, co-author of Organizational Behavior: Tools for Success and Human Resource Management, shares his perspective on how technology is shaping the field of education, and more specifically, how it’s created an opportunity for you to find new ways to connect with your students. He discusses a few examples of how technology can create a more engaging classroom experience, but he also talks about opportunities to manage disengagement in the classroom. He notes that when students become disengaged, it can actually be an opportunity to channel that into specific activities that promote engagement.

Stan Gully is a professor in the Human Resource Management department in the School of Management and Labor Relations at Rutgers University. He has taught courses at the undergraduate, masters, PhD, and executive masters level covering content such as organizational learning and innovation, recruiting and staffing, human resource management, performance management, training and development, data analysis, and leadership. He has taught using traditional and hybrid technologies in the United States, Singapore, and Indonesia.

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