In order to teach your online course with maximum effectiveness, it helps to build a specific set of skills. Not only must you master the content you intend to cover, you need to know how to present that content in a manner that engages students and best facilitates their mastery of that material. Teaching online also requires skill in working with your school’s learning management system and other online learning tools. In addition, students benefit from your knowledge of how to successfully create activities and lead discussions in the online setting.

With more than fifteen years working with and training faculty to teach online, Cengage Learning author Luis A. Lopez has much to offer those who are hoping to develop or refine their online-teaching skills and practices. Below, you can review the slides from his 2013 Course Technology Conference presentation, “Developing Effective Online Courses,” which offer an overview of best practices and recommendations for online course structure, assignments and assessments, and activities.

Have you taught online courses? What lessons have you learned, and what challenges have you faced? How did you resolve your challenges? Share your experiences below.