In any given course, you’ll find a mix of students, with a corresponding mix of personalities and levels of preparedness. Some of these students have a high level of self motivation; others need extra support to get through the course. Some registered for the class with a great deal of enthusiasm; others may be there simply to fulfill a requirement. Furthermore, these students come from diverse backgrounds, and they bring with them a wide variety of experiences inside and outside of the classroom. Though it’s somewhat of a challenging prospect, you likely want to find a way to connect with all of them and ensure that each one feels included in your course.

in her presentation “Raising the Level of Student Preparedness in Your Inclusive Classroom,” Dr. Regina A. Lewis offers ideas you can use to increase engagement and (in her words) “spark the genius” in your students. As you watch, you’ll gather a number of proven student activities for everyday assignments that can help you and your students reach across generational, learning style, and motivational barriers.

View the recording here.

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