It’s that time of year. A certain briskness and crispness fills the air. Leaves turn their festive autumnal shades of orange, gold, and red. You take your favorite fall sweaters out of storage. And students begin the mad dash to complete their research papers. When you create your research project, you surely anticipate a number of student questions, especially as the due date approaches. Many of those questions will focus on the particulars of your assignment and the content-oriented questions that will arise as a result of the research process. However, others will have more to do with grammar, mechanics, identifying appropriate sources, taking steps to avoid plagiarism, and other fundamental topics related to writing a research paper. Though you’re undoubtedly happy to encourage them in the writing process, you may also wish for a “helping hand” that can respond to some of these more basic questions.

Enter our partners at Questia, who recently launched their “#AskQuestia” resource for research paper support. The pros at Questia are poised and ready to answer all of your students’ questions, providing them with the tips and techniques they need to deliver a solid, polished paper. From choosing a good research paper topic to correctly formatting a bibliography, just #AskQuestia; they can help!

Students have three options for contacting Questia. They can:

If you’d like to provide your students with additional information about Questia, you can send them to the Questia blog, where they can learn more about this writing resource. Or you can have them jump right in, #AskQuestia, and join the discussion!