As an instructor, you have a number of strategies and tools you employ to spark students’ interest and motivate their learning. However, you also are likely interested in discovering or exploring additional ideas that you can bring into your classroom. Perhaps you try different activities, assignments, and teaching methods throughout the term, all the while observing which ones help students achieve the goals you’ve set out for the course. Or, perhaps you share your experiences with colleagues and gather new ideas that come about as a result of your discussions.

Here, Ed Miller, co-author of Elementary Algebra and Intermediate Algebra, describes how he has been using different types of multiple-choice questions as learning tools. He shares how his use of these questions has helped to increase learning among his students, and he discusses how the process of experimenting with various types of multiple-choice learning activities has helped him identify new ways of helping students better understand course concepts. As you watch, you may wish to consider how you could implement some of his ideas into your course.

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