‘Tis the season… for everyone to share their Top Ten lists! So of course, we at the Cengage Learning Blog want to follow suit. Below, you’ll find our top-ten most-read posts of the year. Among them, you’ll find a variety of topics—but we’ve noticed an overall theme: student engagement!

Which post at the Cengage Learning Blog was your favorite of the year? Did you put any of the tips or suggestions to use in your classes? Submit a comment below. 

Top Ten Posts of 2013 at the Cengage Learning Blog:

1. Tips for Students: Leadership Qualities — Staying On Target

There’s no need to wait: no matter where you are on the path of life, now is a good time to develop the skills and traits that define a leader.

2. Dusting Off the Cobwebs Activity

Dr. Christine Harrington’s class-opening exercise gets everyone engaged and increases participation levels of all students.

3. Tips for Students: Staying Engaged in the Classroom 

These tips adapted from Dr. Constance Staley’s FOCUS on College Success will help students fully engage in the classroom, resulting in better grades and improved learning.

4. Welcome Back Warm-Ups 

Review these simple activities designed to help your classes get off to a great start.

5. Adding Some TEC-VARIETY to Online Teaching and Learning

Curtis J. Bonk shares his ten motivational principles for online learning, organized according to a helpful mnemonic device.

6. Engaging Your Students Using Inverted Instruction

Jeff Butterfield presents on how you can engage your students by “flipping” or “inverting” your course, and answers some questions around implementing such a model.

7. Tools and Strategies to Keep Students Motivated and Focused 

We examine ways that you can encourage students to stay motivated and help them sharpen their focus this summer.

8. Your Best Practices for Getting Students Engaged & Conversing 

These reader-submitted teaching tips focus on ways you can get students engaged, motivated, and conversing in your class.

9. What Every Educator Must Do Before Walking Into the Classroom This Fall: Take Stock, Gear Up, Then Rock It Out! 

Bridgett McGowen-Hawkins offers three reflection questions that can help you create a roadmap for a successful term.

10. Grabbing Learners’ Attention Back from the Brink of Distraction

By taking a few simple steps, you can help facilitate learners’ ability to stay mentally—as well as physically—involved in your class.