The assignments you create for your course can provide students with an opportunity to develop skills that will prove essential to their career success. Consider the possibilities: An in-class presentation can provide practice for the presentations they may lead during meetings or web conferences. Collaboration with classmates on a group project can prepare them for the experiences they’ll have as a member of a team within an organization. And,the papers students write as summations of the concepts they’ve learned in your class can help them hone the communication skills they’ll need to create weekly or monthly reports. In the process of completing these assignments, students are learning the technical skills that enable them to create those documents and presentations, as well as the soft skills that enhance their ability to succeed in the workplace.

In the video below, Cengage Learning author Beverly Amer discusses why it’s important to equip students with the soft skills they’ll need to be good employees upon graduation. Learn how she brings soft skills and technical skills together to create activities that prepare her students for the workforce, and how she helps them see that their college coursework has relevance and application to their future careers.

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