To truly learn means not giving up when the learning gets difficult.”

  — Addie Ratcliff, MindTap “Slice of Your Life” contest first-place winner.

“I learn through action, and understanding as a result of kinetics. And through this singular experience, I found out how to apply a creative learning technique in other areas of my learning journey – and it has forever benefited me.” 

— Will Donovan, MindTap “Slice of Your Life” contest second-place winner.

Throughout this week, we’ve posted the feedback and best practices that you’ve shared with us as you’ve read and reflected on blog topics about teaching online, reaching and engaging students, and inspiring success. Today, we turn the spotlight toward the students you work so hard to reach. We recently asked students across the country to share “A Slice of Your Life” with us as part of a video scholarship contest. We were humbled by the incredible response and inspired by the many stories they shared.

Watch the two winning videos below, and visit our YouTube page to view many more of the inspirational, creative, fun, and touching videos we received.

How do your students inspire you to continue teaching and learning? Start the discussion below.


MindTap “Slice of Your Life” Contest First-Place Winner
Addie Ratcliff, University of Indianapolis
Video: “My Slice of Life *Learn* (Peel of the Day)”

MindTap “Slice of Your Life” Contest Second-Place Winner
Will Donovan, North Greenville University
Video: “How to Peel an Orange (Short Film)”