As an instructor, you may wonder: how do I proactively manage my time in a way that ensures I accomplish the goals I’ve established for myself, as well as those goals and expectations established by my institution? And, how do I use classroom time to its fullest advantage, while simultaneously encouraging students to do likewise?

In a recent webinar, Jeff Schillinger of Harrison College presents a number of practical strategies that you can use to maximize the time you spend with students in class, as well as the time you invest in supporting students outside of your regular classroom hours. You’ll explore ways to establish goals and setting priorities; learn how to recognize classroom time wasters and implement strategies to defeat them; and, discover some ways to save time outside of class. In addition, Cengage Learning’s John Kyte shares how technology such as Aplia can help you save time and accomplish what’s most important to you.

View the entire recorded webinar here. You can also review the slides at Cengage Learning’s SlideShare page.

What are your top strategies for setting priorities and managing time in the classroom? Share your ideas in the comments section.