If you teach business, your classes will likely include students who have visions of starting up their own companies. These students have entrepreneurial spirits; now, what they need is the entrepreneurial know-how. As an instructor, you can impart the real-world skills and knowledge they need in order to make their vision a reality.

In truth, however, even students who don’t have their minds set on starting their own business can benefit from learning the skills and knowledge that govern entrepreneurship. Additionally, they could gain quite a bit from the experience of trying their hands at entrepreneurial  After all, they may work with (or for) entrepreneurs; or, they may apply that “entrepreneurial spirit” to an activity or cause that’s close to their hearts.

In today’s featured video, we’ll hear from Cynthia Greene, author of Entrepreneurship: Ideas in Action, Fifth Edition. She shares how she encourages her students to unleash their creativity while thinking like real entrepreneurs. Watch and hear how she uses a variety of exercises and technologies to engage in real-world activities, develop leadership skills, and get a sense of what it’s truly like to set up and run their own organizations.


Do you teach entrepreneurial skills in your courses? How can you bring creativity and the “entrepreneurial spirit” into your course, no matter what you teach? Share your experiences and ideas below.