While in college, students tend to recognize their need for improved (or refined) time-management practices. In addition to their studies, students often balance jobs, family obligations, volunteer and social activities, and other responsibilities. Even the students with the best intentions may battle with a tendency towards procrastination; others may simply not yet be aware of the tools and strategies that will help them prioritize their time. And of course, they must all deal with the distractions that frequently become time-wasters that could possibly derail the focus and attention they devote to their studies. Given these factors, you may wonder how you can help your students become better managers of their time—a skill set that can help them not only in school, but in their future careers as well.

In this webinar, Cengage Learning author Dr. Constance Staley explores teaching strategies to help your students develop truly effective time management skills. As you watch her presentation, you’ll gather a number of helpful strategies for increasing productivity, and you’ll learn about several online apps that can help students become more productive and improve their use of time. She also addresses recent research that examines student preparedness for college and the working world; the ways that students’ use of social media effects their studies and their attentiveness; and how (contrary to what you might assume) multi-tasking actually slows us down.


View the webinar, “Driven to Distraction at the Drop of a Hat!: Teaching Time Management to Today’s Students.” 


Do you share best practices for time management with your students? What are your students’ strategies for making the most of their time? Share your ideas below.