Many instructors have seen the benefits of integrating technology into their courses, and have noticed its ability to help them create a student-focused learning environment. Indeed, technology tools can facilitate students’ self-discovery and provide them with numerous, creative ways to explore topics, gather and exchange information, and present what they’ve learned to you and to one another.

In this video, Cengage Learning author Beverly Amer addresses the changes taking place in today’s higher education environment. She considers how these changes—many of which are driven by technology—impact the ways that instructors interact with students and guide them through the learning process. In addition, she shares examples of how blended learning methods and models such as the “flipped classroom” can bring about greater degrees of student engagement, interaction, and success.

What are your favorite tools for use in blended-learning environments or in the flipped classroom? How have they increased your students’ engagement with your material and with their fellow students? Share your ideas below.