At the beginning the new year and the new school term, your students are probably reflecting on the ways they want to change and grow in 2014. Some of their aspirations may be personal, but they likely have a few academically oriented goals and ambitions on their list of resolutions as well.

Below, we’ve listed a few resolutions that students typically have at the beginning of the year, along with some tips that can help them turn their intentions into actions. If you know any students who are contemplating some of these goals, lifestyle changes, and new habits, share this article with them!


“I want to live a more balanced lifestyle.”

Do any of these scenarios resonate with you? Get some ideas that will help you make strides towards a and a more positive outlook.


“I want to improve my study habits.”

Sharpen your skills with a few of these suggestions.


“I want to make sure I’m on track towards graduation.”

It’s always smart to make sure you’re on course to success!


“I need to prepare myself for the job market.”

Even if you’re still in school for another term or two, it’s wise to think ahead to the job-search process.


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