Though Thanksgiving offers most of us an opportunity to reflect and rest, students (and instructors) know that finals week is just around the corner. The good news: by preparing now, students can eliminate some of the pressure and stress they’d face if they leave it all to the last minute.

Throughout the year, our colleagues at Questia share tools, tips, and resources that inspire more effective research and study habits. In light of the time of year, we wanted to share this helpful post from the Questia blog, which offers students some suggestions for staying healthier and better organized through finals week.

A more organized, less harried finals week? Now that’s something to be grateful for!


Post Author: Tami Strang. Tami Strang is a Managing Editor of the Cengage Learning blog. She has extensive experience in higher education publishing, and recently obtained her Masters degree through the San Jose State University School of Library and Information Science.