Over the past few months at the Cengage Learning Blog, we’ve featured a number of posts that address tools and technologies that can be integrated into the “flipped classroom.” Below, we’ve listed a number of them. Review their suggestions, and you’ll garner a wealth of ideas for your course.

  • In the video “How Technology is Changing Instruction,”  author Roger Arnold discusses his observations regarding a shift in attitude toward using technology or new models (such as the “flipped classroom”) to deliver — and engage students with — course material.
  • Corinne Hoisington’s post “Technology 2013 Everything Just Changed” provides an inspiring look at some of the latest hardware, software, and applications that will have an impact on your teaching life this year and beyond.
  • In their joint session at the 2013 Course Technology Conference, Hoisington and Mark Frydenberg demonstrate  variety of low- and no-cost tools that allow you to share and collaborate over online content, build dynamic timelines, create interactive images, “publish” your own online newspaper, and more.

What are your favorite tools for use in the flipped classroom? Did you gain any new ideas from the posts linked above? Share your thoughts below.