Without a doubt, Facebook is one of the most popular social media sites among students. They can keep up with each other’s activities via status updates, view each other’s photos and videos, and share informative and entertaining articles. It’s a fun diversion (cat videos, anyone?), but it can also be used to spread important news about their community and the world around them.

Given the site’s popularity, you may have wondered how it could be used to increase student engagement in your course. However, you may have a number of concerns about sharing personal or course-related information via the site; or, you may simply be looking for the best ways to use Facebook as a teaching tool.

During the 18th Annual Course Technology Conference, Melinda Doty of East Carolina University shared her strategies for using Facebook in the classroom. She presents how she manages privacy concerns, outlines how the Groups feature can help you manage the course activities that take place on the site, and provides tips for sharing information and promoting discussion among students.

View the presentation below, and gather some tips for bringing Facebook for your course!

Have you used Facebook for your course? How did the experience go? Do you have activities or strategies you’d recommend to others who are hoping to use it for their classes? Share them below. 
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