Most students entering an online learning program know the basic keys to success in education. After all, they have made it to college or graduate school — and perhaps even been at the top of their classes prior to arriving at their new institutions. However, the nature of online learning demands a particular set of skills, attitudes, and habits that lead to success — not to mention the self discipline necessary for programs that allow students to set their own schedule and work at their own pace. For this reason, even the most motivated and diligent students may find themselves at a loss when starting their careers as online learners.

Undoubtedly, you as an instructor are seeking ideas for making your online courses the best they can be. But what do the learners in your online courses need in order to achieve their fullest academic potential? In his new text Plugged In: Succeeding as an Online Learner, Joel A. English shares ten attributes of a successful online student, which we’ve presented below in a colorful infographic. If learners endeavor to adopt these ten attributes as their own, they’re certain to prepare themselves for a meaningful, effective, and engaging educational experience.

Would you like a closer look at these attributes, presented in a format you can share with your students? Download a full-size PDF of this infographic.

What are your top tips for successful online learning (or teaching)? Share them with us in the comments section.


Reference: English, Joel A. Plugged In: Succeeding as an Online Learner. 2014. Boston, MA: Wadsworth, Cengage Learning.