As students progress through their college experience, they’ll receive numerous opportunities to collaborate, learn, and share ideas with their classmates.

For Steven Doung, student at Middlesex Community College and a runner-up in Cengage Learning’s “Instructor for a Day” video contest, the process of collaboration presents students with a solid opportunity to learn and grow.

When he’s asked to share his tips for getting engaged in class, he says: “two minds are better than one!” He advises fellow students to find and connect with a peer or friend who can help them out. Partnering with others brings about the reward of solving challenges together. And as Steven notes: when you work together, you might even forge a lasting bond through the process.

As you can tell from his video, Steven has a passion for expressing his artistic, creative side, and he enjoys entertaining others, especially through videos. He’s grateful to the instructors who have encouraged him to embrace his interests and pursue his passions.

The encouragement to “be passionate” has emerged as a theme throughout our student winners’ responses. We find this inspiring, and we hope that they (and all students) continue to foster that passion for learning and pass it along to others!


How do you show students that two minds are better than one? What kinds of activities or assignments help students come to realize the value of collaboration? Share your ideas in the comments.