Students preparing for successful careers as health care professionals must first master the complex medical terminology necessary to provide optimal patient care in the nation’s hospitals, clinics, and physician’s offices. Future health care professionals in pursuit of a comprehensive clinical foundation must equip themselves with the ability to accurately recognize, define, and pronounce medical terms on which successful patient diagnostics and outcomes largely rely.

To efficiently develop this key skill set, instructors and students have for years relied on Cengage Learning’s MindTap for Medical Terminology, an online learning platform that combines a number of learning tools to personalize the learning experience and guide students through the curriculum efficiently and effectively. MindTap has a long history of being highly rated for teaching and engaging students enrolled in Medical Terminology courses.

In a recent survey of 32 instructors asked to grade their overall experience with MindTap and the impact it had on teaching, more than 80% of Medical Terminology instructors assigned MindTap a grade of “A” or “B” and said MindTap made teaching easier or better. Similarly, nearly 90% of Medical Terminology instructors graded their overall experience with MindTap an “A” or “B”.

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