Sara Rizzo is a reference librarian at Nazarbayev University in Kazakhstan. She is also the lead advocate for the school’s library and a key conduit between new college students and a well-rounded global perspective.

As a subject librarian, professors often ask Rizzo to provide their first- and second-year students with reference materials needed to complete research projects and multipage essays. To ensure students have the materials and perspective the university desires, Rizzo turned to Global Issues in Context (GIC) database from Gale. GIC is a cloud-based platform designed to promote global awareness by supplying authoritative multidisciplinary and multimedia rich content that spans continents and cultures.

The GIC database, which integrates news, global viewpoints, and primary source documents in a single search, connects students at Nazarbayev University with content and perspectives they might not otherwise acquire due to them just beginning to learn about academic research and its importance. GIC also helps ensure that these students, who generally lack academic investigatory skills, can easily find, access, and use reliable and trusted research sources.

In this success story, you’ll see how Rizzo has seen usage levels improve dramatically as new students choose Global Issues in Context resources over free online alternatives. You’ll also see how GIC’s ease of use and high-quality sources save faculty’s time and

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