Bloom’s taxonomy has been used for years to promote higher level learning in the academic learning environment. This paper focuses on the application of Bloom’s Taxonomy in an Introductory Accounting Course in the online learning environment. Learning levels will be applied to the introductory concepts of creating financial statements. The paper will present a practical application of Bloom’s Taxonomy, using specific examples of a company’s annual report. The application will allow students to move from basic memorization of introductory accounting concepts to using their critical thinking skills to evaluate and synthesize accounting concepts. Students will realize the learning objectives of the course as they progress through the levels of learning. Assignment examples will be given and explained in the paper.

This article is from the Accounting Instructors’ Report, an electronic journal that provides teaching tips and insights to those who teach accounting and other business courses.

Maureen K. Flores, Ed. D, School of Accountancy, Sorrell College of Business, Troy University


Read Using Bloom’s Taxonomy to Promote Higher Level Thinking and Learning in Introductory Accounting Courses.